Styling Kaftan For 3 different occasions

Fashion is a dynamic thing that is constantly adapting and adjusting based on conditions and circumstances. With ease and comfort dominating the scene, particularly in the last few years the popularity and demand of kaftans have definitely taken an upward turn.

The lightweight, breathable fabrics, geometric silhouettes, fun patterns, soothing designs, as well as an attractive silhouettes – have become an essential piece of clothing! In line with this trend, many fashion labels and brands have come out. The kaftan is distinctive and can be styled with pants, wear it as a cover-up or wear it with jeans.

To have a beach party or a pool celebration

Enjoy the splendor of the soft fabrics and loose cuts of the magnificent Kaftan when you are attending an outdoor party or relaxing by the pool. Perfect for a pool party or to wear as a cover-up on the beach.

Since it’s not an oversized garment It is a given that you are able to wear it and be sure to stay cool when you dip your toes in the sand. For those who feel self-conscious about their bodies in swimwear (we strongly believe that there is beautiful beauty in all bodies regardless of size, however) A kaftan can make them look stunning while remaining cool and showing as much of their skin as they are at ease with.

Wear it with an elegant pair of sandals and designer shades and you’re beach ready. If you’d like to make a statement with your beach attire (say you’re planning to eat lunch in a beachside restaurant) Add the belt and you’re finished!

Tips: Select a kaftan made of natural fabric (i.e. organic cotton) to aid your body stay comfortable (natural fabric “breathe”)

Intimate destination weddings

Simple, breezy, and floaty is the ideal dress code for a romantic destination wedding and kaftans definitely tick every category of those adjectives. Simple to style, kaftan-inspired dresses are a great dress for transitioning from day to night. You can wear it with striking jewelry and soft makeup for an elegant look for the day.

Kaftans are flattering on nearly every woman, regardless of their size or shape, and can hide any part of your body that you’d prefer not to emphasize. For instance, women who have larger busts can achieve an extremely flattering look by wearing the kaftan that has long sleeves, and a low-cut V-neck.

If you’re a fan of boho-chic wear a pair of low-heeled sandals (Ancient Grecian style are great however any kind of leather will work) Add a comfortable handbag for your shoulder, and an eye-catching pair of designer sunglasses and you’ll have the boho chic look you’ve always desired! You can wear it to the beach, or for informal summer parties on weekends.

To spice up your kaftan to make it suitable for formal events, go for a more fitted style and select a piece of silk or a different luxurious fabric. To add a touch of glamour, think about the idea of a kaftan that is made of layers of transparent fabric. Wear it with accessories (i.e. a gold or silver belt) to make it look more elegant for more formal occasions. Shoes with a jeweled design will create a stylish statement and enhance the luxurious look of your outfit.

For brunch

Have a relaxing brunch with your friends while wearing the most stunning kaftan that is not only stylish but also extremely easy to wear for the daytime. To combat the heat in the summer choose a shorter length kaftan, and avoid the full-length one like the fashion blogger Tarini Manchanda who has elegantly styled a block print kaftan with pretty pastel hues.